Minutes of the 2016 AGM to be approved at the 2017 Branch AGM


Minutes of the London Branch AGM held at

The Union Jack Club, London

3rd May 2016 

Chaired by Charles Harvey

Chairman: Neil Bright

Secretary: Jules Lyne

Treasurer – Craig Humphries

Without portfolio: Louisa Pawsey; Marietta Crichton Stuart

  1. Apologies

Phil Mills; Lorraine McGuire; Laurie Milner ; Linda Milner; John Lee; Celia Lee; Colin Wagstaff; Kathy Stevenson

  1. Minutes from the Previous Meeting

Proposed: Alan Maddox/AcceptedVernon Creek

  1. Matters arising

No matters arising

  1. Chairman’s Report
  • NB: Varied range of speakers including good talks from Batrick Baty, Alan Wakefield and Vernon Creek.
  • However some quality speakers such as Richard Van Emden and Mark Smith were expensive and this could prove to be prohibitive when booking future speakers a the UJC cost has risen from £90 to £130 per meeting
  • 10th November Victoria Station – this event has grown so much since the early days NB felt that it is too big a workload for the committee to organise. Therefore NB suggested taking it back to its roots and keeping it a simple ceremony. NB will not be present for this year’s ceremony. Kathy Stevenson has volunteered to help organise for 2016. Steve Mason provided a good bugler last year who could be contacted.
  • NB stated that he is happy to stand as Chairman again and thanked the committee
    • Proposed Paul Gregory/ Accepted: Giles Penman
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • CH Circulated branch accounts for year ended 31 March 2016
  • Income: £1600 Expenses £1550 – these are related to just running the meetings i.e. room hire and speakers expenses.
  • CH noted that Kathy Stevenson’s fun raising quiz raised £295 which actually resulted in a branch surplus of £86 – thanks to KS
  • Cash in hand £5000 – Reserves Policy (fixed buffer zone) £1600 would keep the branch going for 6 months
  • Trustees Annual Report was circulated which confirmed the London Branch as separately registered with the Charities Commission as part of the WFA registration.
  • Branch needs ideas for fundraising – good example was the quiz mentioned above. CH stated that even £200 raised would be adequate (Suggestion of Fundraiser as Committee Member)
  • The branch website has received 1000 visitors at no cost. Monthly email Pigeon Post has saved £80 on cost of mailings – members not on email can still receive hard copy notices.
  • CH also noted good support for annual Jill Knight Memorial Lecture
  • Steve Mason asked above viability of donations from outside sources but this was deemed to unrealistic. Also suggested bringing in unwanted books as raffle prizes
    • Accounts proposed: Neil Bright / Accepted Bob Anell
  1. Election of 2016/ Committee
  • Chairman: Neil Bright (Proposed Marietta Crichton Stuart/ Accepted Louisa Pawsey
  • Secretary: Louisa Pawsey (Proposed Neil Bright/Accepted Steve Mason)
  • Treasurer: Craig Humphries (Proposed Louisa Pawsey/Accepted Steve Mason
  • Branch Fundraiser – Officer TBC
  • Committee Members without Portfolio: Marietta Crichton Stuart and Jules Lyne (Proposed Steve Mason/Accepted Paul Gregory)
  1. Union Jack Club – continuity against costs
  • NB confirmed the venue has been booked for next year
  • The past 2 ½  years has proved to be a relatively good value venue due to low cost of food and drinks. The branch can absorb the costs of the venue to ensure continuity
  • NB emphasised that the branch is run for members and welcomed suggestions for speakers
  1. AOB
  • Steve Mason will send details of WW1 related events for Pigeon Post
  • Charles Messenger suggested advertising London Branch meeting on Great War Forum website